Architecture, Exploration and Reflection

7,5 Credits, Bachelor's level, Summer Term 2021

The course offers the opportunity for architecture students to immerse themselves in a site-specific architectural issue. Within the course, we explore which role architecture can have in relation to social and environmental aspects. Critical reflection and evaluation of the own work process and the results are important aspects of the course.

In the course, participants will participate in a theme-based workshop. The workshops that are offered and in which places these are given can vary from year to year that the course is offered. Each workshop has a limited number of students which can participate and there is no guarantee that applicants to the course will get their first-hand workshop choice.

Workshops for 2021

Due to the restrictions and regulations to limit the spread of covid-19, the course and its workshops will be conducted through varied distance/online platforms.

Three workshop alternatives are available: (1) Duved - The rural village as an innovative catalyst for future societies (2) Cultural Heritage and Nature in Rome, and (3) Sol y Sombra 2021 / Human Movement: from Shadow Policies to Shadow Ecologies.

General information

The course is given online as distance education. The course starts on June 14, 2021 and ends on August 22th, 2021.