Application and Eligibility

Architecture, Exploration and Reflection, 7.5 Credits


For the applicant to be eligible, he or she must meet the general entry requirements for basic level studies at Swedish universities. Proficiency in English equivalent to Swedish upper secondary course English B/6. Apart from that, the applicant needs to have completed at least 30 higher education credits in the field of architecture, and have documented experience in the form of a portfolio and a motivation letter. For more information about the work samples and the motivation letter, see below.


Selection among the applicants is based on submitted work samples/portfolio and motivation letter.


You apply through Application deadline was 15 March 2019.


Your portfolio should contain a selection of projects that display and communicate your capabilities and skills in architecture. It should show your working process, how you develop your ideas, as well as your ability to reflect critically about your work and its social, political and ethical dimensions.

Include a short description of the context in which each work has been produced (e.g. assignment, requirements, prerequisites, etc.).


  • Your portfolio must be submitted digitally as one (1) document in PDF format.
  • The file size may not exceed 10 Mb.
  • Your full name, e-mail address and application number must be stated on the first page of your portfolio.
  • Indicate if the work has been produced independently or in collaboration.
  • Specify if some of the work has been produced during an internship or while working as a professional.
  • Make sure to strictly follow the requirements above otherwise your application will be marked as ineligible.

Please note

  • Make sure to strictly follow the requirements above otherwise your application will be marked as ineligible.
  • Do not send a hard copy of your portfolio by regular post. It will neither be assessed nor approved.

Motivation letter

You should submit a motivation letter where you state why you want to enroll in the course. The text should be maximum 400 words.

If you want to participate in any of the workshops offered in connection to the course, please state this in your letter. The number of places in each workshop is limited, you can specify a first, second and third choice. Specify why you want to participate in the chosen workshop(s) and how it is relevant for you and your development.

If you are interested in doing an individual project, you should state your initial ideas of what your project will be about in your letter.

The motivation letter can be included in the beginning of your portfolio or submitted as a separate document.



Your digital portfolio and motivation letter must be sent by email directly to Umeå School of Architecture (not to University Admissions in Sweden).

Submission deadline

Portfolios must be submitted no later than on the day of the application deadline, the 15th of March 2019.

The portfolio e-mail address is In the subject line, please write "SUMMERCOURSE" followed by your name.