Course schedules are published on this page before the start of the term. For updates and schedules for the later part of the semester, see each Cambro-site.

Autumn Semester 2020

This schedule is a block schedule for the whole school. All students from all years start each Autumn term with what we at UMA call the Vertical Workshop: 

Pdficon Small Block Schedule Autumn 2020

Detailed schedule for the Vertical Workshop:

Pdficon Small Vertical Workshop 2020

For Studios and Courses following the Vertical Workshop, please see the schedules below:

UMA 1:
Pdficon Small UMA1 Fall Semester 2020 (Updated 2020-09-18)

Studio 1:
Pdficon Small Studio 1 Schedule Fall 2020 (Updated 2020-09-18)

Studio 2:
Pdficon Small Studio 2 Schedule (Updated 2020-09-18)

Studio 3:
Pdficon Small Studio 3 (Updated 2020-09-18)

Studio 10:
Pdficon Small Studio_10_Fall_Schedule 2020 (Updated 2020-09-18)

Studio 11:
Pdficon Small Studio 11 Fall Schedule 2020 (Updated 2020-09-11)

Studio 12:
Pdficon Small Studio 11 Fall Schedule 2020   (Updated 2020-09-18)

Supporting Studies, UMA 2:
Pdficon Small UMA2 Supporting Studies Schedule (Updated 2020-09-08)

Supporting Studies, UMA 3:
Pdficon Small UMA3 Supporting Studies Schedule 202021

Supporting Studies, UMA 4:
Pdficon Small Theory and History UMA4_Course Schedule Fall Semester 2020

Supporting Studies, UMA 5:
Pdficon Small Theory and History UMA5_Course Schedule Fall Semester 2020

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