Stories & Projects

Stories and articles about events and ongoing projects at Umeå School of Architecture

  • Architecture of the Future – Exhibition of Degree Projects from all Swedish Schools of Architecture at The Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts

    How will future architecture look? What's the point of view of young architects? At the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, recent graduates from the Swedish Architecture Schools - Umeå, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Lund - show their work in Hall Mitt and Hall Öst.

  • Voids – Spaces from Within': Workshop with Casting techniques

    Between November 12th and 23rd of 2018, UMA1 students, teachers and technicians engaged in a two week workshop called VOIDS - Spaces from Within', where technology and synthesis course intertwine and merge completely, in order to explore new materials and construction techniques to understand the space from the configuration of a negative space. Casting techniques where used as a tool for the design process.  

  • UMA1 UnFashion Show 2018

    UnFashion Show 2018 - Body as shelter,  investigates abstract projections of the body into space allowing the visualization of an imaginary shelter for the body, as a temporary place, a physical space that materializes from the movement and interaction between two bodies.

  • Ana Betancour lectured on "The Right to the City and the Right to Housing"

    During Thursday lunch time Umeå University regularly organizes "Science lunches" at centraly located Café Station. The purpose is to invite UmU-based researchers to present their research in a popular scientific manner. The frame for this semester is "Democracy" On October 18th Umeå School of Architecture rector Ana Betancour spoke on the theme "The Right to the City & The Right to Housing". 

  • Vertical Workshop 2018: Alternative Futures


    During the first two weeks of the fall semester, all students and staff at Umeå School of Architecture has been engaged in a workshop titled "Alternative Futures". The results of research, discussions and imagination have been compiled in the format of fanzines - do-it-yourself magazines. 

  • UMA in the media: Green community space in Broparken

    Local paper Umeå Tidning wrote an article about the greenhouse and urban gardening community space, built by Master students in collaboration with the Urban farmers in Umeå. 

  • UMA in the media: Student' Ario Racho in the journal Arkitekten

    The journal Arkitekten has done a interview with Ario Racho who is currently a student at Umeå School of Architecture after fleeing the war in Aleppo, Syria. 

  • Public Lecture: Cybernetic Forests and Radical Education


    The lecture by professor Peter Lang addressed the participation of Superstudio, Archizoom, and 9999 in the architectural competition for the new University of Florence campus in 1970 - 1971. 

  • Public lecture: Cruising Time-Zones


    By revisiting two decades of architectural and planning practice-research, a journey was defined through different latitudes and time-zones. The lecture supplied observations and analyses of the adaptation and integration of new concepts from a socio-cultural perspective and mentioned projects from for example Caracas, New York and Shanghai.

  • Public lecture: Becoming Architect in Aleppo


    Ario Racho started studying architecture at University of Aleppo in 2010. In 2012, due to the war, he was forced to abandon his studies. In 2017 he continued his studies at Umeå School of Architecture where he is currently at the Bachelor program.The lecture shared on a personal level the crucial moments of the Syrian war and specifically on student's daily life, navigating through their concerns and dreams, plans and hopes in contrast to before and after the war. 


  • Public lecture: Marge - In Various Scales


    The lecture by Susanne Ramel described the methodology of the office Marge through some of their most recognized projects - a nursing home in Örebro, a bench for a museum and a kiosk viewing the Royal Palace.

  • UMA in the media: Article before the public lecture Becoming Architect in Aleppo

    Aspiranten wrote an article before the public lecture Becoming Architect in Aleppo by Ario Racho on April 25th.

  • UMA in the media: The Student's Plastic Pavilion has been Built


    The winning contribution of UMA students Tobias Jansson and Oscar Forsman in the competition Nya ögon på plast [New Eyes on Plastic] has been built in the entry hall of the Nordbygg fair. Arkitekten writes about what it felt like for the students to stand inside the pavilion which they previously only seen in drawings. 

  • Public lecture: Ethics in Architecture, Executing Care


    In her lecture, Torange Khonsari touched on theoretical ideas of ethics related to architects. She outlined the causes for the decline in trust in the professional as the revered keeper of expert knowledge and highlighted the lack of innovation in forms of architecture practice that can expand the discipline and the role of the architect within an ethical and critical design practice. 

  • UMA in the media: Birch Bark as a New Building Material?


    There is an ongoing project with birch bark at Umeå University with the intention to contribute in the development of new materials in architecture, design and construction. One of the students at UMA, Frida Bergner, is involved in the project where they experiment with molding of birch bark and believe that it, amongst other things, could be used as wall panels and space dividers. 

  • Public lecture: Help us help, share your home


    The living situation for young refugees was discussed at Umeå School of Architecture when a seminar with the theme Democracy and Architecture was organized with the organization Arezo on March 28. The initiative came from the bachelor project of architect student Gabriella Magnusson and the seminar was arranged and implemented together with the department leadership and staff at Umeå School of Architecture.

  • Panel discussion: Gender-related Power Structures within the Building Sector, with a focus on Architecture and Urban Design


    Following the #metoo movement, women in the Swedish building sector has gathered under the hashtag #sistaspikenikistan where they have shared their experiences of sexual harassment, abuse and violence. Umeå School of Architecture held a panel discussion on March 7 with the theme Gender-related Power Structures within the Building Sector, with a focus on Architecture and Urban Design.

    The moderator for the talk was Umeå School of Architecture's alumni Cajsa Winge, one of the initiators behind #sistaspikenikistan. The panel consisted of Ana Betancour, professor in architecture and rector at Umeå School of Architecture, Anna Lundberg, office manager at Sweco in Umeå, Anna-Carin Dahlberg, office manager at White in Umeå, and Linda Gustafsson, gender equality officer at Umeå Municipality.

  • Prizes: Students at Umeå School of Architecture Wins Competition


    Tobias Jansson and Oscar Forsman, students at Umeå School of Architecture, has won first prize in the architecture competition "Nya ögon på plast" ("New eyes on plastic") held by Stockholmsmässan/Nordbygg, Svenska Teknik & Designföretagen, IKEM and Architects Sweden. Their winning proposal is called Paviljong (pavilion) and is rewarded with 20 000 SEK.

  • UMA in the media: Master Project Published on KooZA/rch


    The UMA alumni Sofia Musatti has been published on KooZA/rch with her master project The Size of Personal Space - Adaptation of vacant commercial spaces in potential homes through the involvement of Airbnb. KooZA/rch publishes selected projects that explore and challenge the role of the architectural drawing in contemporary practice.

  • Public Lecture: One's Own Place


     Ana Betancour, rektor at Umeå School of Architecture, held the lecture One's Own Place in conjunction to Do Ho Suh's exhibition Passages at Bildmuseet. The lecture gave an introduction to alternative modes of working and their impact on and challenge to the social production of space and architecture. 

  • Public lecture: Performance Architecture – Action and as Poetic Provocation


    In his lecture Matthew Butcher presented both speculative and built projects. 

  • Prizes: Architect Students Receive Honourable Mention in Tile Competition


    Byggkeramikrådet and Architects Sweden held a competition for architecture students for the seventh year in a row. This years theme was "A floating space for bath culture" (Ett flytande rum för badkultur) and the winner was rewarded with 20 000 SEK. One of the two honorable mentions handed out was received by the students André Backlund and Sofia Elldin Mårtensson at Umeå School of Architecture for their contribution "The Public Bathroom" (Publika badrummet).

  • In Collaboration with Bildmuseet: Passage/s with Do Ho Suh


    The artist Do Ho Suh visited Umeå School of Architecture for a lecture in connection to the vernissage of his exhibition at Bildmuseet.

  • UMA in the media: Master Student Maïté Biechy Published on KooZA/rch


    Master student Maïté Biechy at UMA has been published on KooZA/rch with her project about the unsustainable situation on the Baltic Sea. The site publishes selected projects that explore and challenge the role of the architectural drawing in contemporary practice.

  • Creating a Sustainable Venture


    Students from two of our Masters programmes took part in a joint workshop with Umeå Business School. This one day workshop was about inter-disciplinary exchange, learning from other courses and sharing new techniques. The theme of the workshop was 'Creating a Sustainable Venture'. 

  • Un-Fashion Show with UMA1


    Body Shelter/Un-Fashion Show is the result of a one week workshop with our first year students. They have built structural shelters in scale 1:1 to explore temporary and static relations between body and space. This body shelter represent the body's intimate space for simple movements and fundamental relations to other bodies and spaces.

  • Hunters and Gatherers


    The workshop Hunters and Gatherers was an introduction to the UMA Year 2 & 3 studio 1 theme and terrain in a wider context. The main tool of mapping during this workshop was by collecting food. The students headed out into the built and natural environment of Umeå with the aim to collect enough food for a common studio lunch at the end of the week. 


  • Public lecture: Returning to the Place of Origin

    Lesley Lokko is an architect, academic and the author of ten best-selling novels. She is currently Head of School at the Graduate School of Architecture, University of Johannesburg, South Africa. She has been an on-going contributor to discourses around identity, race, African urbanism and the speculative nature of African architectural space and practice for over twenty-five years. 

    She visited Umeå School of Architecture to hold her lecture Maropeng Acts I & II.

  • Vertical Workshop: Urban Networks


    Every academic year at UMA starts with a vertical workshop that engages all students and staff. This year, the theme was Urban Networks and the idea was to investigate urban space from within. To find their paths of investigation, the students threw cooked spaghettis randomly on a map of Umeå. The task was to explore social-, cultural-, ecological-, economic-, initiatives/structures/networks within that path, created by the spaghetti. By moving in this unconventional way, the students had to challenge their preconceived notions and a broader understanding of the path could take place.

  • UMA in the media: One day at Umeå School of Architecture


    The employee Journal of Umeå University Aktum published an article on the 3rd of July 2017 about what it is like to work and study at Umeå School of Architecture. The described atmosphere is calm and respectful with hard working students and staff during the last weeks before the end of the Spring term.