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Hunters and Gatherers


The workshop Hunters and Gatherers was an introduction to the UMA Year 2 & 3 studio 1 theme and terrain in a wider context. The main tool of mapping during this workshop was by collecting food. The students headed out into the built and natural environment of Umeå with the aim to collect enough food for a common studio lunch at the end of the week. 


IMG 7173 Table Buffe

Photographer: Johannes Samuelsson

- The students worked with the questions: What if our meal was entirely dependent on our own ability to gather, fish, hunt and negotiate? Do contemporary humans have enough knowledge of our surrounding landscapes and pathways to prepare a meal with these qualifications? Can food be the start of a conversation? Can this be a start of a common archive? says Johannes Samuelsson, teacher in Studio 1.

Through the process of mapping, Studio 1 started to build up a common base of knowledge about natural, built and social environment related to food production, distribution and consumption. Through the process of sharing food, we shared our knowledge and studied the basics of social space.

The students were divided into four groups of hunters and gatherers. Umeå was divided into four equal parts with the UMA building in the center. Each group was assigned to one part as their territory of investigation.

We set out into the territory to acquire food by gathering (berries, mushrooms and other edible greenery), fishing (rivers, lakes, the sea), hunting (wilderness) and negotiating (trading food for other goods or services or finding someone who had more food then they needed or simply tried to find a kind person).

During the presentation day the students of Studio 1 prepared and coocked all the collected food and held a food exhibition for the entire school. 

IMG 7204

 Photographer: Johannes Samuelsson

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