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Un-Fashion Show with UMA1


Body Shelter/Un-Fashion Show is the result of a one week workshop with our first year students. They have built structural shelters in scale 1:1 to explore temporary and static relations between body and space. This body shelter represent the body's intimate space for simple movements and fundamental relations to other bodies and spaces.

The workshop Body Shelter aims to reveal new temporary relations on inhabiting the space, from the navigation through static spaces towards a more dynamic experience where spaces and people move together.

IMG 4107

This plastic exploration about the architectural form starts from our own individual and collective movements in space. The body will be understood as support and shaper, a physical link between the ground and the structure.

Body Shelter aims for an amplified understanding of the body exploring spatial possibilities within a range of collective relations between individuals and spaces.
The investigation departs from a regular shape as a geometric figure to study its deformation into a different volume using the human body as a component to configure and support the space. The shelter gets configured using the body and its parts as extended components into the space, multiplying its articulations and projecting its displacements.

IMG 4098

The students worked in groups and covered the common areas at UMA with their explorations. After a week of hard work the body shelters was presented in the Body Shelter/Un-Fashion Show. 


Image credits: Emelie El-Habta

For more information, please contact:

Emelie El-Habta, Administrator at Umeå School of Architecture, Umeå University

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