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Public lecture: Ethics in Architecture, Executing Care


In her lecture, Torange Khonsari touched on theoretical ideas of ethics related to architects. She outlined the causes for the decline in trust in the professional as the revered keeper of expert knowledge and highlighted the lack of innovation in forms of architecture practice that can expand the discipline and the role of the architect within an ethical and critical design practice. 

It is easy to talk about care and social good, politicians give it lip service and so do professionals, but how do you ensure you execute care within architecture that supports those with no or marginalised voice? That was a question Torange Khonsari asked in her lecture Ethics in Architecture, Executing Care. She believes that we still linger in a stereotypical image of an architect who has to align with top down power. Ethics and ethical conduct is primarily discussed in architecture from the position of a professional and the professional codes of conduct. Ethics is hardly thought about from the perspective of the architects role towards citizens, although design and city making are both political and social.

Torange Khonsari is an academic and practitioner specialised in citizen-led city development. She co founded the art and architecture practice Public Works (2004), an inter-disciplinary practice working in the threshold of participatory art, architecture, anthropology and politics. The practice Public Works tests and implements the academic research undertaken at London Metropolitan University. Khonsari is a Consultant on Specialist Assistant Team (SAT) of Mayor of London on community development and Cultural curation in regeneration. She is senior lecturer at London Metropolitan University where she runs MA: Design for Cultural Commons. She has been consultant to UN Habitat on sustainable development.

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