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Public Lecture: One's Own Place


 Ana Betancour, rektor at Umeå School of Architecture, held the lecture One's Own Place in conjunction to Do Ho Suh's exhibition Passages at Bildmuseet. The lecture gave an introduction to alternative modes of working and their impact on and challenge to the social production of space and architecture. 

Through exploring practices of self-representation, this lecture introduced alternative modes of working and their impact on and challenge to the social production of space and architecture. Ana Betancour introduced specific examples of artistic activist practices and artistic networks addressing issues of eviction and the right to housing. The focus was on the depiction of these projects as conflicts, reactions, and responses, namely their dissenting relation to urban processes of urban regeneration, gentrification and privatization.

Ana Betancour is an architect and artist, rector and a Professor of Architecture at UMA School of Architecture, former Professor in Urban Design at the School of Architecture, Chalmers University of Technology. She founded A + URL/ Architecture + Urban Research Laboratory, the U+ADLab, and the architectural practice Urban + Architecture Agency, and P.H.A.B. Architects. Including numerous projects in the area of critical design, urbanism and architecture, her work investigates alternative strategies and ways to operate and catalyse change within global transformations affecting cities today. She is widely published, exhibited, and is a member of various international reference groups, networks and organizations, nationally and internationally.

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Emelie El-Habta, Administrator at Umeå School of Architecture, Umeå University

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