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Public lecture: Marge - In Various Scales


The lecture by Susanne Ramel described the methodology of the office Marge through some of their most recognized projects - a nursing home in Örebro, a bench for a museum and a kiosk viewing the Royal Palace.

Marge Arkitekter works in architecture on every scale. Among the projects in the office today there is a city development project at Sergelstorg in central Stockholm, feed storage for deers in Upplands Väsby, a house of nature on Öland, a refurbishment of the Jewish museum, and several schools and nursing homes.

The contemporary architecture developed by Marge Arkiteter's comes from a thorough analysis of the site and the programme, leading to strategic and conceptually strong solutions. This analytical work is a tool to zoom out and in a wider context investigate the site and its physical and social aspects. The aim for Marge is, through strong architectural ideas, to create conditions for social and ecologically sustainable environments. Despite scale, if it is a furniture, a house or a city development project, the same methodology is applied.

Marge Arkitekter was established in 2002 by Pye Aurell Ehrström, Katarina Grundsell, Louise Masreliez and Susanne Ramel. The firm rapidly became recognized as one of the young firms representing a contemporary development of architecture in Sweden. The firm has an extensive and broadly-based portfolio including private, commercial and public projects. Marge Arkitekter has received publicity in the national and international press and has been exhibited in Sweden and around Europe. The firm currently has about 30 employees.

Image credits:  Johan Fowelin/Love Oijens

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