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Exhibition, presentations & discussion about the future of Teg

During the academic year 2018/2019 students in Year 4:s studio 11 are working with questions on sustainable urban development and the relations between urban and rural trough a site located along the Europa road 4 (E4) trough the areas of Teg, Umeå. Friday February 8th an exhibition along with students presenting their work was held to interact with neighbors in the area at Tegs Church. 

During the fall semester 2018 students from Year 4:s studio 11 has been woring on issues of sustainable urban development and the relationship between the urban and the rural with a particular focus on ecology, circular economy and local identities. 


The site - that is: the place bound point of departure - has been an area along the E4 road which cuts trough the districts of Teg in Umeå. This area is at the moment planned for future developments by the municipality as the E4 will be moved fully onto the ring road system as the new west link is being built south of Teg. 

Teg -14

The Exhibition that took place February 8th at Tegs Church along with student presentations of their work was though to open for local inhabitants to give input and thoughts about the students' individual and group projects. 

Teg -4

Teg -8

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The Exhibition is on-going in the foajer of Tegs Church for some weeks during regular open hours. The students' work is autonomous from the planning of Umeå Municipality and is to be viewed as sketched ideas within the framework of  education.

  Erik Persson 

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