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Wood Day: A Sustainable and Local Construction Material

The development, planning and execution of buildings are hot topics in the sustainability debate and wood as a construction material has gained a lot of attention therein. Wood is a material with a rich history in Västerbotten and still of great importance in the local industry. This was also the point of departure when  Umeå School of Architecture on April 12th invited to a full day dedicated to wood.

Three different lectures and an introductory talk discussed wood from the perspective of sustainable and healthy construction and gave an insight to the material from a regional perspective, using built examples.  Markus Aerni, Architect from Stockholm, recurrent lecturer at KTH School of Architecture and co-founder of Happyspace Architecture presented the lecturers and moderated the discussions. First lecturer for the day was Maria Block on the topic "Building Sustainable and Healthy in Wood".

Maria Block Wood Day

Maria who is founder of Blockarkitektkontor and co-author of the book The Whole Building Handbook focused on specific solutions from her own work experience, including Lusthusbacken in Piteå, nominated for the building of the year by Årets bygge 2019. After her Kenneth Eriksson lectured from the point of view of being a construction worker at the small company S-trä Specialvirke.

Tra ̈dag _kenneth

Kenneth who is currently studying Year 2 of  the architecture programme at Umeå School of Architecture walked the audiance through the process of manually constructing timber houses - from order via timber harvest to the final building. Thereafter Daniel Wilded, production manager at Martinsons  - a world leading actor in modern wood construction - lectured.

Tra ̈dag Martinsons

Daniel spoke about the production and fabrication of wood systems and components by showing the work of the large family company based in Bygsilium, Västerbotten county. 

Photos: Erik Persson

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