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Open Lecture: Laura Vidje – Buildings as Trees, Cities as Forests

Laura Vidje Lecture Theatre UMA

How do we create something positive and regenerative instead of just reducing the negative footprint? What about buildings as material banks, reversible building design, material passports? Can we lease the "function" of a building? What circular business models exist in the building industry and in real estate today, which are beneficial for people, the environment and for business? These questions was the point of departure when Laura Vidje, sustainability consultant at Esam in Umeå, April 24th held an open Wednesday lecture in the Theatre at UMA. 

Laura Vidje's lecture aimed to create an understanding of sustainable development and how it should be related to the notion of a circular economy. Moreover, her focus was to specificly outline the design concept called " Cradle to Cradle".

Laura's starting point was to encourage creativity and innovation by highlighting the Cradle to Cradle design concept more closely and in addition, a number of successful examples of products, companies, buildings, processes and urban planning of such form.

Laura ended the lecture with some insight into her private construction project in Kassjö: a round house built of straw bales, clay and completely without concrete. You can read more and follow the project on its facebook page here

Photo: Erik Persson

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