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Architecture in Effect Double Volume Book Published


Between 2011-2016 researchers at all four Swedish Schools of Architecture  at KTH, LTU, Chalmers and Umeå University cooperated within' two Formas financed Research Environments titled "Architecture in Effect" and "Architecture in the Making". This has resulted in a May 2019 published double volume book with 50 essays. For one of them, "After Effects - Theories and Methodologies in Architectural Research", UMA professor in Architectural Theory Roemer Van Toorn has been co-editor and has also contributed with an essay. Former UMA PhD:s and teachers such as Alberto Altés Arlandis,  Hannes Frykolm, Katja Hogenboom,  Sepideh Karami and Oren Lieberman are also among the contributors. 

To read more about the two Research Environments, se the websites for Architecture in the Making and Architecture in Effect. The book is  available at bigger online book shops both in Sweden and globally. 

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