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Ana Betancour Resigned as UMA:s Rector

In late May 2019, Ana Betancour announced her resignation as Rector for Umeå School of Architecture. Three other employees whom have been part of  the School Leadership resigned simultaneously from their assignments as Deputy Head of Department, Director of Studies and Programme Responsible. Ana Betancour returns to her ground assignment as Professor of Architecture, two other employees to their roles as lecturer and senior lecturer while the former Deputy Head returns to her original position at another department within' Umeå University. From August 1 2019 the Dean at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Mikael Elofsson, is acting as rector until a new permament leadership is assigned.  

To the Swedish magazine Arkitekten ("The Architect"), Ana Betancour states the following explanation: "In a letter submitted in June last year (2018), we argued for the demands we deemed as absolutely necessary to keep a positive development of the activities of the school, among them issues concerning the allocation of resources and the acute need for recruitment of both short- and long term staff. We have since continued to adress these issues and demands. Under the now given circumstances we do not see any possibility to keep managing an architectural education, or to build a research environment, which meets the requirements for such activities". 

In local newspaper Västerbottens-Kuriren, the Dean at the  Faculty of Science and Technology, Mikael Elofsson, stated that: "we and the current school leadership has different views concerning especially recruitments. We [The Faculty] demand that new employees should have a scientific Ph.D. so the teachers can also act as research education supervisors". 

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