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Radical Swedes


In Radical Swedes the pedagogy and theme of Studio 2 is presented through work done by students from year two and three of the Architectural Programme during the academic year 2018/2019. The students have investigated how migration can fuel innovation in the domestic and public sphere and how the concept of the cosmopolitan created places and communities in permanent negotiation.

IMG 7479 StoriesThe title Radical Swedes can sound like a paradox but in this collection of student work, radical initiatives and ideas display a wish and quest for big changes in the Swedish society. The students have researched and developed radical proposals for social, ecological and economic sustainability.

Authors: Roemer van Toorn (Professor, Umeå School of Architecture, Umea University), Sangram Shrike (Lecturer, Umeå School of Architecture, Umea University) and the students: Angelika Carlsson, Ario Racho, Aida Davallou, Anneli Zetterstr.m, Beatrice Sterner, Isabella Hermansson, Judia Avenine, Johan Vonkavaara, Mikael Parkman, Rachel Wu, Samuel Höljman, Taku Kitagawa (Exchange student), Ahmad Alghadban, Anna Johann (Exchange student), Anna Wigow, Azad Ashari, Carl Sandberg, Casper Klaren, Elias Niklasson, Emelie Aktanius Franzon, Emmilie Haglund, Ida Lindeberg Emin, Jelena Obradovic, Jyrki Huuskonen, Lina Bjurman, Linda Lindkvist, Linnea Carlerback, Marijojnas Morkunas (Exchange student), Paulin Eriksson, Rebecka Korpela, Saba Farheen (Exchange student), Sofia Klingesten, Suchandra Banerjee (Exchange student), Taku Kitagawa, (Exchange student), Tanja Marcuz, Victor Hessner, Birger Ekstedt, Carolina Sandström, John Andersson, Jonatan Weiber, Kiia Nummenpalo, Matilda Thorup, Sandra Kärnstrand, Seif Kadhim, Tove Brunberg.

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