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UMA Research Seminars on Architecture


It is a pleasure to announce the start of UMA Research Seminars on Architecture next academic course. UMA Research Seminars on Architecture are intended to provide a forum for exchange, presentation, peer review and discussion of ongoing research at UMA, as well as other work related to architectural research strategies in Sweden and abroad.

The aim of the seminars is to articulate an ongoing academic exchange between the different areas in architectural research on a national and international level that supports UMA in its development of a vibrant research culture.

The seminars will take place every second Wednesday at UMA and will be held during the academic year (autumn and spring).

They are primarily aimed at research: UMA's researchers, teachers and as well as national and international scholars will be invited to share their knowledge and speak on a research-relevant theme, and anyone with an interest in the topic is welcome to join the discussions. The format will consist of a speaker lecturing on their own research, followed by a round-table dialogue. In support of the development of research at UMA, the seminar format may occasionally be varied to allow for other activities, such as research support workshops, collaborative sessions or site visits.

The full list of seminars will be announced during the first week of September and it will be available for reference on the UMA website.

For further information on UMA Research Seminars on Architecture please contact

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