Summer Workshops 2019

These workshops are offered in connection to the course Architecture, Exploration and Reflection. All workshops have instruction in English.


Exploring Rome - Urban Commons, Art and Migration

Location: Rome, Italy
Workshop dates: June 22 - 30
Number of places: 10 students

Exploring the New Rural Condition through Nikola-Lenivets Art Park

Location: Zvizzhi, Russia
Workshop dates: July 1 - 12
Number of places: 10 students

Performativity as Production of Togetherness

Location: London, United Kingdom
Workshop dates: July 5 - 20
Number of places: 8 students

Exploring Seoul and the Civic City

Location: Seoul, South Korea
Workshop dates: July 18 - 26
Number of places: 10 students

The European Refugee Crisis - Designing, Building and Caring for Vulnerable Refugees in Lesvos

Location: Lesvos, Greece
Dates: June 16 - 29
Number of places: 10 students