Architecture and the City - Towards another future

An important task of the architect is to develop practical and theoretical alternatives, which can help contemporary and future societies to meet various challenges.

In this beginner's course we explore both historical and contemporary examples to understand how architecture through its devices, buildings, cities and landscapes effect our understanding of the world we live in.

Students learn how their understanding of the built environment relates to the intentions and aspirations of those who design buildings and cities, but also how they can perceive themselves as an actor rather than as an observant in the built environment.

The course gives an overall understanding of motives behind architectural proposals and ideas and the opportunity to reflect upon the role and responsibility of architecture and architects in relation to the challenges of the future.

Read the full course syllabus here.

Starts: August  29th 2022
Ends: January 15th 2023
Study location: Varied
Language: English
Type of studies: Daytime, 25%, Distance
Number of mandatory meetings: No mandatory meetings.

Required Knowledge: Basic eligibility
Selection: Results-National university aptitude test-Academic credits

Application code: UMU-52608
Application: Online application period was March 15th - April 19th 2022. You will be transferred to if you click here.