Application and registration

Before each term, an application will automatically be submitted for the courses you should study the next term. It is important that you check that the application is correct for each term. Sign in via Umeå University with your Umu-id at and check that the courses you are going to study can be found in your application. The courses that should be in your application are only those starting the coming term. If the wrong course or courses appears in your application or if you do not have an application for the next term you must immediately contact us at 

Remember to reply to your Notification of selection results

Do not forget to reply to the Notification of selection results that you receive in the middle of July and the middle of December. The system does not automatically register an acceptance and if you do not give a 'yes' answer, you will not be admitted to the course. 

Registration on courses

You need to be registered in the study documentation system to be able to follow the courses and to get your results recorded during the course.

As a student at Umeå School of Architecture, go to the student web to register for the courses. To register at the student web the following is required:

  • You are admitted to the course
  • You have accepted your seat on the course on before the deadline
  • You are eligible for the course  
  • The online registration is open

Online registration at the Student Web opens on the Monday before the course starts and closes on the same day as the start of the course. If you have not registered for your courses at the Student Web at the end of that day, you risk losing your place (seat) on the course.

If you have questions or encounter problems proceeding the course registration, please contact our study administrator. 


A last eligibility check is carried out by the study administration after the second notification of selection results. The eligibility criteria for each course is stated in the course syllabus.

Syllabi for courses at Umeå School of Architecture

You must fulfill the entry requirements before you can register on a course. You will not be able to register on any course that you are not eligible for. Students who do not meet the eligibility requirements for a course must wait until next time the course is given in order to have the opportunity the register on and follow the course. 

If the eligibility requirements are not fulfilled, a student may, in exceptional cases, be granted a temporary exemption to follow the education until an examination giving eligibility has been graded. The director of studies makes decisions on any exemptions from the eligibility criteria. It is not possible to be granted an exemption for more than three weeks. Active participation in the courses is a condition for being registered when the eligibility criteria has been fulfilled. Ineligible students have to apply for temporary exemptions. Application is sent to our study administrator well in advance of the start of the course.

  • Student Web

    At the Student Web you will find personal services such as your student e-mail, University Library services and here you can also create study certificates, apply for a degree and change your temporary address.

  • Contact the Study Administration

    For contact, questions and scheduling of meetings with the study administration, please write an e-mail to