Facilities and Workshop



The School of Architecture is open Monday - Friday, 07.30 - 17.00.

At other times you will need to use your UmU-card and PIN-code to enter the building. To exit when the school is locked, use the key button located next to the doors. Do not use the green emergency handles, they are intended for emergencies only and will cause an alarm to go off!

How can I get the UmU card?

Students and employees who are admitted or employed will automatically receive an e-mail about how to apply for the UmU card. As a new student at Umeå University, you need to activate your user account before you can get the UmU card.

An e-mail with instructions on how to obtain the card will be sent to your student e-mail account (xxx@student.umu.se), which you can access by signing in to the right on the page www.student.umu.se/english (or at the tab E-post in Portalen).

If you're continuing your studies

If you already have a UmU card it will automatically be updated with new access when you get registered on your courses. If the date on your card has expired there's a machine outside HumLab X next to Bildmuseet with which you can print a new date on your card after you have been registered. This can also be done at Infocenter in Universum.

If your UmU card is not working, please contact Kent Brodin.

If you would experience any issues with the building, please contact our technical staff.

Room Booking

Teaching rooms at Umeå School of Architecture are booked by teachers in the booking system TimeEdit. Students can search for bookings and schedules in TimeEdit web: https://se.timeedit.net/web/umu/

As a student at Umeå University, you have access to group study roomsat the main campus and the university library that you can reserve in connection to your ongoing courses. Reservations can be made five days ahead for maximum three occasions. CAS login is required.

For more information and support please contact Infocenter, 090-786 50 00.

Material Workshop

The doors to the workshop are open 07.45 - 17.30. At other times you will need your UmU card and PIN-code to access the workshop. Machines can be used 08.00 - 17.00. The power to the machines is cut off during the remaining time. You can still operate hand tools and smaller machines at all times (220V outlets).

Workshop License

All new students need to get an introduction on how to use the machines before they can start to use the workshop. Classes to get the workshop license are held for new students in the beginning of the fall semester. Please contact your year responsible if you don't have a license.

Never work alone in the workshop!

Buying material in the workshop

Cardboard and wood materials can be purchased in the workshop. Ask Håkan Hansson or Kent Brodin for more information.

Recycling and garbage collection

  • There are litter bins for combustible waste on each floor.
  • A paper recycling bin can be found next to the printers on level 3 (the white box).
  • More recycling bins are located in the corridor next to the workshop on level 1.
  • You can dispose of concrete, stone, metals and large objects in the big green dumpster outside the workshop.
  • Wood materials are collected in the workshop.
  • Glass, chemicals, batteries and electronics are collected in the workshop.

Never dispose of electronics and chemicals with combustible waste!

If you have any questions, please ask Kent Brodin or Håkan Hansson.