E-mail Services for Students

All students at Umeå University are provided with a personal email account. As a student, you are responsible for checking your email account on a regular basis.   

You access your email account from Portalen.


Forward your email

To ensure that you do not miss any emails sent to your student email account, we recommend you to forward your emails to an existing email account you uses on a daily basis. 

You can forward your emails by signing in to Portalen and go to 'E-mail' > 'Settings' > 'Forwarding'. Select 'Forward my incoming mail to' and type the address you want it forwarded to.


Mailing list

During your studies you will receive emails from Umeå School of Architecture to yours student email account. It is therefore important that you check your student email account on a regular basis to ensure that you take part of all important information. Students at Umeå School of Architecture will be added to different mailing lists (there is for example one list for each year and studio). The mailing list is manually updated each semester.

Please note that you will receive emails from Umeå School of Architecture to you student email account even thou you have changed your primary email address in Portalen. The only way to ensure that you will receive the emails to another email address is by using the function for forwarding emails.         



If you do not receive any emails from Umeå School of Architecture or have been added to wrong mailing list, please contact our IT-technician.

If you have general question about your student email account, you are welcome to contact Servicedesk.

  • Student Web

    At the Student Web you will find personal services such as your student e-mail, University Library services and here you can also create study certificates, apply for a degree and change your temporary address.

  • Sven-Erik

    Sven-Erik Hilberer
    +46 90 786 76 77