Technical Equipment

Computer Lab

The computers in the lab have the following software installed:

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Autodesk Revit
  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Graphisoft ArchiCAD
  • Microsoft Office
  • Trimble SketchUp

Use your UmU-id to log on to the computers. Please contact Sven-Erik Hilberer if you experience any trouble with the computer lab and IT.

The computer lab can sometimes be booked for classes.

How to connect to the wireless network

If you are using your own computer or smartphone you can connect to the Internet through the Wi-Fi networksat Umeå University:

  • UmU wlan is an unencrypted guest network. To connect to the network, you sign in with your UmU-id and password.
  • eduroam is an encrypted secure network and is recommended for employees and students. Eduroam is a collaboration between universities around the world to facilitate the use of each others wireless networks. You don't have to login to connect to eduroam but your computer must be configured. You can find instructions at


File Server

Connect to the server:  Every student at Umeå School of Architecture has a personal folder on the server to store files and documents. Each class also has a class folder for assignments, hand-ins, etc. When you log on to a computer in the lab these folders will automatically be shown as volumes in the file manager. If you want to access the folders from your personal computer, follow the instructions below:

  • Mac OS: Open Finder, click on 'Go' in the menu bar and select 'Connect to Server'. Enter smb:// and click 'Connect'. If you're asked to login, enter your CAS-id and password.
  • Windows: Click on 'Start' and select 'Run'. Enter \\ and press 'Enter'. If you're asked to enter a network password, fill in ad\xxx [where xxx is your CAS-id]as username, enter your password and click 'OK'.



You can print in A4 and A3 formats on the printers on the third level. To print you need to have a UmU-id and a PayPal account.

 1. Create a PayPal account if you don't have an account already:

 2. Transfer money from your PayPal account to your personal printing account (minimum 100 SEK) via where you log in with your Umu-id.

 3. Register your Umu card (or any other card with a RFID tag) at any of the printers by holding the card next to the "uniFlow" reader. Sign in with your Umu-id.

 4. After registration, you will see your printing queue and documents (if any) on the display of the printer.


Large formats

There is an A0 plotter that is used to print posters for presentations. Your teachers will give you more information when you need to print in A1 or A0 formats.

Please contact Sven-Erik Hilberer or Kent Brodin if you need help with printing.


Mailing lists

If you are not getting the emails from the mailing lists, please contact Sven-Erik Hilberer. There are class lists, studio lists and a school list.

Lending of technical equipment

Lending of the university's technical equipment is handled by Sven-Erik Hilberer and Kent Brodin.

When lending equipment it is important that you write your UmU-id, phone number and the date on the Whiteboard in Kent and Sven-Erik's office. When you return the equipment you should wipe your name.

The following equipment is available:

  • 4 x Canon 1200D cameras
  • Video camcorders
  • Projectors
  • 2 x PA systems
  • 2 x Thermal Cameras
  • Various Measuring Tools, e.g. laser rangefinder